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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Heavier Rain

    - staff

  • Ryan George, Game Design Student, Columbia College Chicago, War in Full View

    War in Full View, influenced heavily by All Quiet on the Western Front, takes the player through a multi-themed, character driven, interlaced story designed for the PlayStation 3. The player plays as Adrian Favaro, an Italian Field Medic called to serve his country during World War II. However shortly after being deployed there is news of an impending attack upon Sicily, where Adrian grew up and now raised his family. Immediately upon learning about the impeding attack Adrian requests to be re-assigned to a battalion in Sicily in an attempt to find his family and get them to safety. Adrian is denied his request and in an act of defiance decides to abandon his post, deserting the Italian Army, and vow trek across Europe to find his way home by any means.

    The player is introduced to basic quick-time actions, influenced by Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, from the start of the game through a series of dialog trees, and simple control introductions. However when Adrian becomes a deserter throughout the game the player must do their best to blend into their surroundings when among other characters in the militia (enlisted characters stand out from standard civilians). In order to remain off the Italian (and Allied) Army's radar the player must hold the PlayStation controller as balanced as possible without favoring one side. In addition, in some situations, the player must react to a series of scripted quick-time events carefully as well as maintaining controller balance. To insure players don't tire of this, Adrian attempts to only spend a limited amount of time in highly populated areas.

    During Adrian's return journey he comes across characters in dire need of medical assistance. It is up to the player to act on these situations. If the player chooses to attempt to save a wounded character an intense quick-time event must be overcome. Upon successful completion of a surgical quick-time event the newly saved character's life flashes before the players eyes and when the flashes finish the player now finds themselves no longer in control over Adrian, but the saved character.

    The player then plays out the new characters story from the point where they were saved by Adrian. Every character in War in Full View has an associated story theme (similar to movie genres). For example, if the player chooses to resuscitate a dying American soldier his story would play out akin to an action movie/game with most of the quick time events involving gunfights. Whereas other characters may see Adrian saving them as a second chance at life and seek out a former lover to express their love, get down on one knee, and propose.

    As players play through side character's stories choices they make in then effect Adrian's story as well, for better or worse. Upon completing a side character's story the game picks back up at the last point where they had control over Adrian. This allows for storytelling and progression similar to unique movies like Pulp Fiction.


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