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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: iPad

    - staff

  • Jay Gavarra, You Complete Me

    My game idea for the iPad platform can be categorized under the Lemmings-with-a-twist subgenre. The 'twist' on the gameplay however lies on the 'lemmings' themselves and the fact that their bodies are completely separate from the heads.

    I mean, why not? Why do these mindless creatures have heads anyway when they're so darn stupid? So this is the design 'what if' that I want to explore: what if you can change a body's ability just by changing its head?

    After attaching the head to the body, tap the body to wake him up and make him walk and do stuff (based on the head's personility).

    The player's goal is to move the required number of body through the portal. It sounds simple, but it's not: each head can only do one thing, and the player must attach the head that he thinks will get the body through that part of the environment. For example, only the angry red head can smash through walls, while the wise green head can get through traps unscathed. Each level, the player will be busy attaching and detaching heads in this hopefully non-violent game just to complete the round.

    Multiplayer will be a natural part of You Complete Me, even if it doesn't have a separate multiplayer mode. As the levels get harder, it will be better to the player to have another pair of hands while playing - some levels may require simultaneous management (attaching, detaching, etc) of the bodies and heads. There's no player 1 or 2 or whatever; if anyone wants to play, all they have to do is touch the screen!


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