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  • Master's Thesis: A Framework for Psychophysiological Data Acquisition in Digital Games

    - Dennis Sasse
  •  Master's student Dennis Sasse at the Department of Simulation and Graphics at Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, wrote about psychophysiological data in games for his thesis.

    In order to rapidly develop digital games for psychophysiological experiments, a coherent and flexible development environment is required. Something that allows researchers to design their experiments, build the stimulus game and easily integrate all required data
    acquisition functionality into it.

    This thesis shows the design and implementation of such a framework. Methods for gathering player-related data are compared to establish a theoretical foundation for the framework. The logging framework is implemented as a set of Torque X components and an example game is developed in order to demonstrate the framework and the different
    logging components.

    You can download Sasse's thesis [PDF].


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