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  • Getting Along with Game Audio

    - staff
  •  "There is a serious problem today with game audio, and it is not production quality." So begins a new guide to game audio, written by a handful of experts from the sector.

    The problem is "[m]ost designers and producers do not understand the extent to which audio can be used to enhance their product quality, partially because they do not have a game audio language or style book that they can use when designing their games." This ignorance causes audio personnel to be left out of crucial planning and development decisions, the authors say. The "Game Producer's Guide to Audio" aims to diminish this problem by educating producers (and team leads, and lead game designers, and other lynchpin figures in a video game's production) about game audio from top to bottom.

    "Game Producer's Guide to Audio" (PDF download available here) was a collaborative effort undertaken at Project B-B-Q, an annual retreat-style gathering of video game audio gurus.

    In the report, producers and designers will find a step-by-step outline of the complete process of designing the audio and sound for a video game. There's also a list of "emergency" fixes that game developers can consult when there's a problem with an audio asset -- or when one is missing -- that can't be resolved before a hard deadline.

    A glossary of audio terms is also included, an essential read for producers and designers who want to maximize their time with the audio department. Nothing helps more than speaking and understanding their language.

    You can now download a PDF of the complete report, "Game Producer's Guide to Audio," directly from


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