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  • Level Design: Tips and Tricks

    - Tom Pugh

  • Tip 8: Breadcrumbing

    If you're struggling to get players to go where you want you could try using breadcrumbs.

    Breadcrumbing can come in many different forms including; a different texture on the floor, gold coins that put the player back on track and collectibles dotted along a path.

    ​​In the above example you can see the gems in Spyro are placed in this area so as to draw the player to a higher location I find this and the example below to be two subtle ways of breadcrumbing the player without breaking immersion.

    ​​Tip 9: Lighting

    You can use lighting to draw attention to exits, points of interest and enemy locations and it can be used as an effective way to guide players through a level.

    ​​Lighting in levels should be used to highlight the following; exits, path guiding, enemy introductions and points of interest. ​

    ​​In the images above you can see that exits, paths and enemies are clearly lit and visible to the players. These examples also show how lighting can help set a tone for your levels.

    Tip 10: Iteration is key

    The key to a good level is iteration and constant play testing. The sooner you can get a blockout of your level into the hands of someone the better. It's through this initial play test that you'll see the problems, find the solutions and make a start on improving your level.

    Don't be afraid to let people play your levels, after all that is why we make them.


    Well thanks for reading this feature! I hope you found some tips and guidance that will help you with your own level designs. Remember these are guidelines, not rules.

    I tried to go into as much detail as I could in as few words as I could. So if you want to talk more about a subject covered here, or not covered here then please feel free to leave a comment and start a discussion.

    Thanks for reading!


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