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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Pool Party!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Gustavo Moreira Silva, Game Designer, Pirates & Mermaids

    Pirates & Mermaids is a 2D isometric multiplayer battle arena, where a group of kids are trying to get the control of the swimming pool. Choose your character and fight for the pool.

    Hit your rivals until they cry for their parents and they come to take him out of the pool. The team wins when the enemy team has no more kids in the pool.

    When a player/character is removed from the water, they can stay in the border of the pool throwing big balls for area damage and make difference (or just caos) in the match.

    2 teams with minimum 2 players and max 5 players each.

    Initially  there are 6 different characters to play. Each character has different skills:

    Mermage - a princess looking girl laying in her pool float sofa

    • Basic attack - hit the enemy with a soft hammer toy;
    • Siren call - shout with loudspeaker to get the enemy dizzy for few seconds;
    • Animal control - use a giant Orca floater to hit enemies;

    Chick and Rooster - siblings ready for fight

    • Basic attack - splash water with hands in the enemy;
    • Assemble/Disassemble - they mount/unmount for a chicken fight. Assembled have more damage, Disassemble have more defense;
    • Booomb! - if assembled, the kid on the top jumps and fells on the enemies;

    Shark Boy - a boy with a fake fin and a snorkeling kit

    • Basic attack - punch under the water;
    • Shark mode - dive for few seconds to hide or atack;
    • Tag! - when backstabbing the opponent, it can not move;

    Angry Duck - tough baby girl with a angry duck floater

    • Basic attack - punch the duck head making the duck hit the opponent;
    • Cry (passive) - when receive damage, make all enemies around a bit of damage too
    • Cannonball - throw a ball in the enemy making damage and with a chance to get the enemy dizzy for seconds;

    Wrangler - an angry looking kid with water wings in a pool float donut, a fishing rod in a hand and a toy fish in the other hand

    • Basic attack - hit the opponent with the fish toy;
    • Fishing - use the fishing rod to pull enemies or friends, or even to move fast around the pool;
    • Angel Wings - can give water wings for other character improving his defense;

    Ranger - a cowboy looking boy riding a unicorn floater, and armed with water pistols

    • Basic attack - water pistols;
    • Fly fool - got a boost to run, kicking and splashing the water on the enemies around making a little damage;
    • Dundee - use a giant Alligator floater to make a big damage; 


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