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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Pool Party!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Owen Jones, Student at Herzing University-Madison, A Splash of Love

    Hello, welcome to the Aquaria Health Club! Our motto is 'Have a splash in our majestic blue world!' What we do here is focus our time on club and fun activities like teaching kids how to swim to training our local hometown swimmers to become a professional athlete. Not interested in doing anything active, don't worry about that as we show you our zen room where you can bathe in the sun, float in our lazy tubes, and overall relax to our serene music and decor. The possibilities are endless here in the land of twenty different pool grounds. Enjoy your stay and remember 'Have a splash!'

    A Splash of Love is an interactive dating visual novel where you play as a new citizen in Zaffre City. Create a character where your gender pronoun is through your own decision. Decide which player model are you whether masculinity or femininity is the dominant feature in both male and female or the natural gender-neutral model. You came to Zaffre City in search of a job and also the search for an unexpected lover. Are you more of a pool cleaner, a swimming coach, a lifeguard, or something else?

    Interact with ten different potential lovers and their experience by the chlorinated waters. Train with a Russian athlete who wants to represent America in the Olympics as a swimmer. Teach a foreign girl who is afraid of being in the water how to swim. Befriend a parent who has a kid is learning how to swim. Become the fantasy lifeguard of a person's dreams as you rescue them from drowning. Learn about the secret visitor who sneaks into the health club at night.

    Help out one of Aquaria's finest teachers as they demonstrate all the ways to enjoy being in the water. Run into a mischievous deviant who just happens to have fun in the pool like a typical college party boy. Discover the legendary swimming spots with a traveler who wants to swim with the stars. Fall in love with your former high school friend, that you can decide their gender on, as they decide to move to Zaffre City and start over. Finally, meet up with a mystical mermaid who wants to not only experience life on land but find someone to marry.

    Be careful about what you say to your potential lovers, they might not like who you are if the dates and interaction are bad. Play minigames from questions to matching games that allow you to earn more money for your job so you can take your special someone out on a date or travel destinations. Earn special computer graphic scenes (CGs) as you spend more time with each character. Don't be scared to dip your toe in the water, there is plenty of fish here to date. Sometimes a splash of love is all you need before that attraction turns into a massive wave of love for your soulmate.


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