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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Pool Party!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Xavier Ekkel, Experimental Game Developer, TYVB Swimming

    TYVB Swimming is a ragdoll-based swimming game, where players help a swimmer finish a 100m race using only the T, Y, V, and B keys. It is inspired by Bennett Foddy's game QWOP.

    The T and Y keys (at the top of the keyboard) control the swimmer's left and right arms, respectively, whilst the V and B keys (at the bottom of the keyboard) control the swimmer's left and right legs, respectively.

    The game is player from a top-down perspective. The game starts with the swimmer standing on the block, ready to dive in, and players use their legs (V and B keys) to jump off the block into the water. The momentum from the dive can be utilised to reach a further distance faster.

    The race is 100m and the swimming pool is 50m long, meaning players will have to race to the other side and back to complete the race. This provides an additional challenge, as players who reach the other side will have to manoeuvre the swimmer to turn around and swim in the opposite direction (the camera/UI will rotate so that the T and Y keys are always where the swimmer's arms are).

    The player's goal is to finish the race (or get as far as they can) without drowning. The swimmer will drown (and thus lose) if their head is below water for too long without taking a breath, so players will need to use their arms to make sure their head regularly stays above water. If players can manage to finish the race, they can challenge themselves to improve their completion time.


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