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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Combat-Free Zone

    - Danny Cowan

  • Ryan Gill, Student at Herzing University, Asteroid Miners


    It has been 50 years since the sun expanded destroying the Earth. What was the human race has joined together to try to survive and find a new plant. Players must work together to push the human race forward into the future.

    Game Description

    This is a economics MMO, that takes place in an asteroid belt in deep space. The players will mine asteroids for different resources that they can trade for resource they need, spend them to upgrade their mining bases and scout ships, or spend them on completing quest given by the colony ship . The players will run into each other, but the only thing they can do is trade or join a guild.

    The player will start from with an asteroid that is near a colony ship. This colony ship will serve as the players first main hub for trade and questing. Quest will give the player random boosts or resource. Colony ships will not move from where they start from.

    Ships and mining Bases

    The player will have control over a scout ship and two mining base to start off with. Of the two mining bases one of which the will be randomly placed on the map the other the player gets to find a spot for. The player can purchase more and other ships and upgrade them. Each base will have seperate storage making the player have to manage their own resources. Ships can transfer resources from base to base.

    Upgrades for the scout ship will be speed, range, storage. and sensor range. Upgrades for the mining base will be speed of production, storage, amount produced, and port size.


    The resources the players can get are iron, water, uranium, and fuel. Each asteroid only has one type of resources. Each asteroid will have a number of spots that players can mine from that is proportional to the size of the asteroid. Plants have all resources, but will provide bonuses for one type of resources for the guild that has claimed it.


    The guilds are trading groups at players can create or join. These are to help players to trade with others. Guilds can buy nearby plants, the number of plants a guild can have at one time is based on the number of players in the guild.


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