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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Combat-Free Zone

    - Danny Cowan

  • Morgane Masson, QA Tester, Flying Trees

    "Welcome to a world built by the players for the players"


    Flying Trees is a strategy-coop MMO game, based on the vertical exploration of the game world.

    Players are trees who have to find and reactivate mythical artifacts that can be found all around the world, close to the floating islands. These artifacts are bounds to the world's balance: the more artifact awakens, the more floating islands appear.



    As a tree, the player grows over time and choose where its branch will appear. They can grow for an unlimited time, but the taller they become, the slower they'll grow.

    A Player can only grow on the ground or on another Player's branch.


    When they wish to move, players sacrifice one of their branches to turn it into a moving tree person: a Treant.

    As it, they can freely move everywhere, jumping from branch to branch no matter who's tree it is. Treant can help trees grow their branches and once they have found the best place ever, they can turn into a brand new tree.

    Only the player can destroy its own tree, when on Treant form.

    Level up and abilities:

    The player can obtain new abilities when turning back to its tree form. He'll be able to spend points to choose a new ability, depending on its current level.

    Player gain experience points when growing close to another tree, as a tree and by exploring as a Treant.


    The mythical objects are set all around the world, distant from the ground. To reach them, players will have to unite.

    Around the artifacts, players will grow faster. Once activated, the artifact turns into an immortal tree which allows the player to move easily.

    This tree will also become a respawn/teleport zone for the players.


    • Jumping puzzle: More than growing himself, the player has to make sure others can go higher too. As the branches can't be created too close to each other, the Treant-Player will have to solve the jumping puzzle other players created.
    • World Quest: finding the artifacts give a huge bonus to every player linked to it before when it awakens. (zero gravity zone, higher jump zone...)
    • Moving world: The more artifact awakens, the more floating island will be procedurally generated, always in a higher place and may be holding a new artifact. The trees left behind by the Player (when becoming a Treant) will shrink after a few hours, depending on the level of the player.
    • Tree Species: When starting the game, the player will be able to choose between four types of trees, each one having its very own ability.
    • Special untold abilities: Growing a tree close to another can create a special effect zone, that will last until one the Player-tree turn into a Treant. Abilities can be growth accel, zero gravity zone, no-fall zone, shrink zone, move speed accel zone, teleport zone...


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