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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Get Organized!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Thibault Leblan, Student at ArtFX, Secretary Madness

    This is a top down arcade game up to four players.

    Four secretaries are set in a room with a pile of documents to organize on shelves.

    The documents are in piles in the middle of the room, the shelves are each placed on one of the four sides of the room and partitions are placed to hinder the movement of players.

    Shelves and partitions are randomly placed at each beginning of a game by the system.

    Each player have a respective shelf, indicated by a symbol, where he will put the documents he have taken.

    The documents have four colors: Blue, yellow, red and green.

    Above each shelves, a combination of documents is indicated.

    Their purpose is to do the combination indicated on theirs shelves to gain points.

    The player will have to pick up a document and place it on his shelf in the correct order to perform his combination.

    The combination change whenever the previous combination is made.

    The documents are given randomly and if the color of the document does not go to the player he can then choose to get rid of it by throwing it. He can either throw it on the floor or throw it on a player. In both cases the document is destroyed.

    When a player carry a document everyone can see it and what color of document he have and decided to stop him from putting his document on his shelf.

    If the player throws one of his documents on another player, the target player loses his document.

    Each secretary can put a document on any shelf but can only take off a document on their own shelf.

    Each game last for five minutes.

    The secretary who have the most points win the game.


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