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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Get Organized!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Guillaume Benoit, Game Designer at ArtFX, La Mule

    La Mule is a mix between Diablo 2 (or Two World), 2048 & Tetris.

    You play a mule, a follower of a hero during his dangerous adventures. You have to organize his inventory as it helps him defeat foes during battles, gather treasures during loot phases and trade with the merchants. All that for the eyes of the prince(ss) and his/her reward.

    1.      Organize the inventory

    The hero goes on a journey fighting various creatures on the way. As his follower, you have to organize the items dropped by enemies after being defeated. But be careful the inventory's size is limited.  

    Items drop automatically into the inventory : they have a shape & slots occupation.

    You have to rotate the inventory by pressing either the anticlockwise or the clockwwise rotation buttons, to stack them correctly. If an item cannot be stored, it's destroyed.

    You goal is precisely to save space for the new loot to come.

    2.      Cast « spells » to help you

    The mule has various «spells at his/her disposal to help him organizing the inventory : ex : Drop the item on the floor, Slow time, Auto-sort, etc.

    But spells also could be used on the hero itself : ex : Heal, Double Damage, etc.

    They are selected at the begin of an adventure by the mule (number and keybind)

    3.      Level up Items

    When a item met the same item in the inventory, it « level up » meaning it gains value, property.

    An item could be used by the hero in his quest to defeat a foe, to heal, etc. But it is also consumed or broken during the battles

    However, by leveling up, some items grow in size and shape in the process. So be careful.

    4.      Satisfy Travellers

    You meet travelers on your journey that ask you for specific items. They reward you by another more valuable & unique items, or spells, or temporary buffs.

    5.      Impress the Prince(ss)

    At the end of an adventure, the prince(ss) evaluates the ‘treasure' brought back aka your inventory. (s)he rewards you according to the value of the items, their quality, their category, etc.

    But beware, penalities are given for waste space (empty slots) in your inventory.

    The destroyed loot could also be taken into account.

    Depending on the adventure and encounters with enemies & travellers, keeping their trophies or prizes add bonuses to your reward.

    6.      Buy from Mercands

    With the reward from the prince(ss) and before a new adventure, you can buy :

    -        Level for the hero ;

    -        Spells usable by the mule ;

    -        Space upgrades for the inventory ;

    -        Specific contracts for the adventure ;


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