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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Get Organized!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Kendall Johnson, Student at the University of Montevallo, Untitled

    I think it would be interesting to design a game where you organized people and the cons they would enjoy attending the most. It would be a simulation game similar to something like Style Savvy. You would get a list of people complete with a picture of what they would wear to a con (Be it cosplay, merchandise or just street wear).

    You would also have the option of conversing with said people along with being told their different hobbies and interests. For example, If someone seemed to prefer things with an abundance of anthropomorphic animals, then the player should organizes them with a furry based con. If someone likes to play a lot of video games, the player should organize the to a con like the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

    The difficulty would rack up with people having more varied interests, thus making it harder to pinpoint what con would be the best for them. Like for example, someone having at first glance what seems to be an even amount of interest in Furry culture and video games, the player would need to do some deeper digging and trust their better judgement to find out where to place them.

    Peoples' clothing and style choices could also trick the player. You would have to pay attention to what the person says as they may say something like "I don't really care for ____ but this is my significant others jacket".


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