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  • 8 Tips For New Game Developers And Freelancers

    - Alexey Morozov

  • 2. Make sure you're easy to find...

    Don't be shy, keep posting your works. Use several popular sites at the same time.

    - Artists can use BehanceDribbbleArtstation, and DeviantArt.

    - Musicians can head right to SoundCloud.

    - For 3D model demonstration you can use Sketchfab.

    - And if you're a motion designer or an animator, at least post your work on YouTube.

    Also don't forget special forums and communities - post your portfolio in appropriate branches of these resources. I recommend covering both sites corresponding to your professional profile and game development as well, as both options may be helpful.

    3. ...and easy to contact.

    It should be easy to get in touch with you! Make sure your profiles on these special resources include your contact information (including your mobile number) and links to your social media profiles. Create a design for your page in social media that will help viewers understand what you do as soon as they open the page.

    In fact, if you cover the three points mentioned above, that's already a big step. If all specialists did so, potential employers would have a much easier time. As funny as it may sound, the freelancer must be easy to "google." Imagine yourself as a potential employer and try to understand their search criteria

    4. Don't forget to update your portfolio on a regular basis.

    I recommend organizing the process in a way that will help you post your new work regularly on all of your profiles at professional resources. When you put together a larger update, you can elevate your previous posts on forums for easier access by new customers.

    5. Answer your emails.

    This is common knowledge, but not many actually follow it. Answer email from you employers in a timely manner, even if you are currently swamped with work. Let the customer know your time frame, perhaps this assignment can wait. If the customer would like to hire you, this will help them set up their schedule. Furthermore, it's a sign of good manners :)

    6. Sort out payment options ahead of time.

    I have met experienced freelancers that didn't even have a PayPal wallet. Sign up for a digital wallet on any of the most popular payment service providers. Take some time in advance to explore and find out how your wallet works and how you can withdraw funds so that you don't have issues at the time of payment.

    7. Keep in touch with people from the industry.

    - Another possibly obvious tip: try to get in touch with other professionals and make sure your friends are aware that you are looking for a job.

    - Not everyone knows that Twitch has its own Game Development section, where you can meet and talk to colleagues. I think it's a nice way to get some feedback on your work from the people already working in the industry.

    - Another great idea would be to attend high-profile events (conventions and exhibitions) that are being held all over the world, such as DevGAMMIgromirGamedev DaysA MazeGame On, etc.  

    8. Always remember to develop your skills.

    - There are lots of training grounds for general and also specific topics. Most of them use a subscription model and require a very reasonable monthly fee. My general recommendations would include: Lynda.comDigital TutorsTutsplusSkillshare, and Groove3 for musicians.

    - You should take part in various workshops and crash courses in your specialty. You can keep track of them through CG communities and social media".

    A short conclusion

    Naturally, these tips may seem obvious and even somewhat naive to some of readers. But we've met lots of specialists that haven't fulfilled even half of mentioned points. We hope this list of simple tips will make life a bit easier for you as a rising freelancer dreaming to enter the gaming industry, and for your potential customer.


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