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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Everyone's Land

    - staff
  • Nintendo Land is a showcase title for Nintendo's recently released Wii U console, offering a collection of Nintendo franchise-themed minigames wrapped in a theme park setting. In the world of Nintendo Land, Donkey Kong is reimagined as a tilt-controlled puzzler, Metroid is a cooperative third-person shooter, and Animal Crossing is a multiplayer collect-and-chase game.  

    Now imagine the possibilities if another company were to create a Nintendo Land-like game based on its own intellectual properties. Sega Land could star a wide variety of characters, from Sonic the Hedgehog to Alex Kidd to Toejam & Earl. Capcom Land might feature a multiplayer platformer themed around Mega Man, or a brawler/RTS hybrid based on Final Fight.

    Game Career Guide's latest Game Design Challenge tasked its readers with creating a Nintendo Land-like title featuring another company's characters and franchises. Here are our top picks.

    Best Entries

    Urian Kim, Herzing University Madison Campus Student, Namco Land (see page 2)

    Paul Bentheimer, Herzing University Madison Campus Student, Double Fine Land (see page 3)

    Ian Nancarrow, League Land (see page 4)

    Ben Crist, Herzing University Madison Campus Student, Borderlands Land (see page 5)

    Max Nebel, Herzing University Madison Campus Student, Microsoft Land (see page 6)


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