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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Merry Christmas!

    - staff

  • Amirul Fikri, Student of Multimedia University Faculty of Computing and Informatics, Santa's Workshop

    Story: Christmas has been ruined! A lot of toys have gone missing at Santa's workshop. It is your job to find out who has been stealing them. You play as Santa's favorite elf and it is your mission to find out who is the culprit.

    Game-play: You play as an elf name Sylvari. Being the favorite elf of Santa, he tells you discretely that a lot of toys have gone missing and asked you to find the culprit. Your mission is to explore Santa's workshop and look for clues. Some characters will give you hints and clues. Example of characters would be other elves, yetis, reindeers, Father Time, Mother Nature and etc.

    You are equipped with a Cane Gun, a gun that shoots candy cane. From time to time you will meet shadowy enemies and their weaknesses are candies. For every enemy you defeat, they will drop a stolen present or an item that will lead to the stolen presents. Later in the game you will find better weapons such as Jellybean Rush (which is a machine gun using jellybeans as bullets) , Gumball Bazooka, Marsh-Nades and etc. There are lots of ways to defeat an enemy. You can defeat them by just using your weapons, or you can cleverly use your surroundings to your advantage. For example, a chandelier is dangling above your enemy, you can shoot the chandelier so that it drops on top of the enemy.

    Later in the game you found out that the mastermind for the stolen presents is The Boogeyman. He has always hated Santa and he is determined to stop Santa from delivering the presents. Defeat The Boogeyman and the rest of the stolen presents will return. This game is played in a third person view. There a couple of modes to play: story mode, multiplayer, and arcade mode. In story mode you play as Sylvari and try to advance through the levels and achieve his mission. In multiplayer mode, you have a variety of characters to choose and you have to eliminate the other players. You start off with a cane gun but different weapon can be found all across the map. In arcade mode, you play as the character and have to defeat waves and waves of shadowy enemies.


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