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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Merry Christmas!

    - staff

  • Matthew Calhoun, Tallahassee Community College Game Design, Nutcracker

    Synopsis: Taking a new twist on a holiday classic, you are launched into the world of the Nutcracker, Prince and Protector of a land of sweets, walking animals, tinker toys, and mountain-sized Christmas trees.

    One day, a young girl named Marie finds herself mysteriously transported to the Nutcracker's world, only to find herself caught in the latest battle between the Tinker toys and the dreaded army of the Mouse King. And just a Marie is about to be attacked by a Mouse, the Nutcracker swoops in and saves her. Now, he must protect her while trying to find a way to send her back home, all while fighting off the Mice and following clues seemingly left by Marie's grandfather Drosselmeier, an inventor whose creation may have brought Marie to the Nutcracker's land, and whose unfinished creations may be the key to sending Marie home.

    Gameplay: The game would be a third-person RPG, centered around protecting Marie and fighting off Mice soldiers. Other components of gameplay would include:

    • Creating/Completeing Drosselmeier's inventions based off of collected parts and blueprints, and using them as tools/weapons in order to progress through the game, all of which have a classic tinker toy look and feel to them.
    • Collecting Sugar Plums in order to maintain energy.
    • Interaction between characters that is silent/mimed out, as an homage to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite.


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