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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Merry Christmas!

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  • Brian Gui, Game Student at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, Reindeer Racer

    Good old Saint Nick just finished traveling around the world, spreading his love and joy. How does he celebrate such an accomplishment? Watch competitive reindeer racing.

    The Story -

    Every few years Santa retires his current reindeers and needs new reindeers too take their place. Reindeers spend their entire lives dedicated to training vigorously in hopes that Santa will choose them to pull his sleigh. From the start you aren't going to be dodging past Christmas trees at ridiculously high speeds, you're going to be a young calf running at an average speed of 17mph. As the story progresses you will run into notable reindeers Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitezen and of course the legend himself Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. With each reindeer you meet your character will grow and develop into the legend capable of surpassing Rudolph. Eventually you will reach the point where you're flying at insanely high speeds competing on North Pole television.

    The Game-

    In reindeer racer is a game designed for the IOS and Android platforms. The controls are simple, tilt the phone left and right to turn and touch the screen to slow down. The game features nine courses. Each course will have you going through snow tunnels, dodging evergreens and test your reflexes. Each track has their own twist based on the reindeer it's named after. Each race will reward the player with tokens redeemable at Santa's Workshop.

    Dasher - Standard track with speed boosts

    Dancer - Several trees will require you to dodge quite often.

    Prancer - Many bumps on the track will have you bouncing.

    Vixen - Many traps and holes throughout the track.

    Comet - The entire track is a giant speed boost.

    Cupid - Dodge arrows being shot at you.

    Donner - Several slows spread across the track.

    Blitzen - Dodge Lighting (indicated on the ground before hand.).

    Rudolph - A dark map that takes place on a track that illuminates itself red.

    Santa's Workshop-

    Santa's workshop is where you can buy upgrades for your Reindeer. This includes anything from a speed boost, to a red glowing nose. You can also buy assets for the in game track editor.


    Play with up to nine of your friends and compete with each on any of the premade tracks or custom tracks.

    Track Editor -

    The game also features a built in track editor. Use several mechanics and items from the premade levels to contrast your own map. All the items will be Christmas themed. Some items available to you in the track editor include custom snow, speed boost panels and collision-enabled items like giant candy canes.


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