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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Crossing Over

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  • Brian Gui, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint, Shin Megami Tensei X League Of Legends

    Our world and Runeterra(League of Legend's world) are on the verge of colliding. The most powerful warriors from Runeterra must team up with humans in order to unleash their full potential.

    If you aren't familiar with Persona, here's a short gist of the mechanics. You use the power of Persona's to defeat your foe. Persona's come in the form of tarot cards, and you unleash the creature. Most characters only have the ability to use one Persona, however the main character is gifted the ability wild card which allows he or she to have a vast library of Persona's.

    In Persona X LOL you play as the unnamed protagonist. The character Twisted Fate from Runeterra reaches out to you claiming his world is bringing their war to your world. You are quickly thrown into a situation where you feel helpless as an enemy approaches you. Twisted Fate offers to merge with you, and with your combine efforts you defeat the foe. After merging with Twisted Fate you gain the ability Wild Card (which matches the name of the protagonists main strength and Twisted Fate's 'Q' in LOL). I feel like he is the proper partner for the protagonist. His lore leaves him neutral giving the player the opportunity to pick whether he or she wants to join the Demacian or Noxus.

    The gameplay style will follow Persona mechanics, but League of Legends abilities will be present (Flash, Ghost, Heal etc..). As you work your way up you will use stronger more powerful Persona or in this case Champions. Champions will also retain their abilities in game like Karthus's iconic requiem.

    Your allies will be assembled from various Persona games. The only difference is that they will be matched up with LOL Champions rather than their Persona's. For example Akihiko Sanda's new Persona would be Lee Sinn.

    The social aspect of the game is still present as well. You choices will directly affect the strengths of certain persona's.

    The game will still gravitate around the Jungian Archetypes. Several LOL Champions will find their place with their associated Archetype, some examples being Ezreal is an explorer and Lux is a Magician.

    The game will offer two distinct paths, one leading towards supporting Demacia or Noxus. Depending on what path you choose will also choose which personas (champions) will be available too you.

    Bosses will be matched up with iconic champions of each state. Some counter parts include Demacia's Garen and Noxus's Darius.

    The story will revolve around the Demacia and Noxus war, but that does not limit the character pool. Champions from Piltover, Ionia, Zaun and others will still be present, but will have lesser story influence.

    This game will appeal to both Persona and League of Legend fans. Persona fans will enjoy the solid and familiar mechanics from the previous games, while League of Legends fans will be greeted with familiar powers abilities and lore.


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