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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Crossing Over

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  • Felix Palabrica, Software Engineer, Fix-it-Felix vs. Wrecking Crew

    Referenced Franchise:

    Fix-it-Felix Jr. ( )
    Wrecking Crew ( )


    The Floras from Mario's garden are once again become deprived of sunlight because a large structure is blocking it's way. Upon tracing the source, it is caused by a large penthouse guarded by Fix-it-Felix Jr. Wreck-it-Ralph took this opportunity to form an alliance with Mario to help him destroy the penthouse once and for all. Fix-it-Felix was almost outnumbered until Gotcha Wrench, Eggplant Man, and Foreman Spike came to his aid to get in Mario's way as they always do. Players must choose a side. Are you here to fix or are you here to wreck?!


    The game is a puzzle platformer where the main gameplay offers two choices of goals. First is to fix things courtesy of Fix-it-Felix Jr. or to wreck things courtesy of Mario. The stage starts with half of the structures destroyed and the other half fixed. The objective is to fix or destroy all the structures depending on your choice of goal. The levels take place in the different parts of the penthouse and uses the stage design elements of Wrecking Crew. This means that each stage will include the following objects:

    1) Wooden Door - 1 smash to wreck or fix
    2) Marble Door - 3 smashes to wreck or fix
    3) Pipes - 1 smash to wreck or fix (can use to trap Felix or any Wrecking Crew antagonist for a short period of time)
    4) Ladders - 1 smash to wreck or fix
    5) Bombs - 1 smash to activate and destroys adjacent destructible objects (not fixable)

    Players will be challenged to utilize each character's skills and resources. Mario depends more on using the stage to his advantage while Felix relies more on his attributes.

    - Can use bombs present at each level to destroy multiple objects
    - Can trap enemies for 10 seconds using pipe
    - Invincible to Ralph's falling blocks due to his head protector
    - Can NOT jump due to his hammer

    - Can use the pie power-up present in each level to make him invincible against Ralph's falling blocks (duration 5 seconds)
    - Can Jump
    - Invincible to Wrecking Crew Antagonists since they are his allies
    - Faster movement

    Game Modes:

    Story Mode - play as the chosen character to progress through levels and achieve his goal.
    Vs. Mode - multiplayer mode that pits two players as the Fixer vs. Wrecker
    Time Attack Mode - Fix or destroy everything to beat the fastest time record
    Level Editor - Create your own stage using the available structures


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