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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Reviving Resident Evil

    - staff

  • Phil Stewart, Games Design & Production Management Student at the University Of Abertay Dundee

    The concept for this entry into the Resident Evil series is to go back to what Resident Evil was and what it did; keeping the player awake at night in terror. Whilst there's elements that work well since Mikami drastically changed the formula back in number 4, it also made way for the game becoming more action orientated. In designing a concept of what could be the next entry in the series I feel that taking it back to being a prequel and focussing on a couple of the many other characters within the universe would be an interesting approach as opposed to using Chris and Leon again. The following is a list of things I think work with the old formula and the new formula of the franchise:

    Elements that work well in current Resident Evil games:

    - Camera orientation

    - Over the shoulder aiming

    - Being able to move whilst shooting weapon

    Elements that worked well in the older Resident Evil games:

    - Enclosed environments such as Mansions/Police Station

    - Non Co-operative play

    - Unarmed enemies


    Characters that would be used are Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers. Both are strong characters that have not had a lot of exposure in the franchise. I have also chose Barry as he is often regarded as a ‘joke' character due to the translation of dialogue in the original RE game. Breathing fresh life into the character and giving him a really rounded personality that the player will become involved with in regards to character development, I think, would be interesting. Rebecca Chambers proved that she can take to the stage in Resident Evil 0 and having her refined the same way that Sherry Birkin was will appeal to old and newcomers.

    Brief overview of backstory

    Since this serves to be a prequel in regards to the story Umbrella will still be present. This time France will be the prime location for the game to take place and both characters will be drawn there due to a fake lead created by Oswald Spencer in an attempt to eradicate further any remaining former STARS members.

    Setting/ Environment

    The main area that will serve as the environment is a castle, then move onto catacombs and finally a labratory are. The look and appearance of the game would be very dark and grimy with a grindhouse styled filter.

    Features and Mechanics

    - Scenario crossover similar to RE 2

    - Defensive weapons that were present in the Gamecube remake such as daggers, for when attacked by enemies.

    - Barry is a fire arms expert so he would have a mechanic in place where he can mix ammo (similar to RE3) and workbenches for customizing weapons. These would be located in Save rooms.

    - Rebecca is an experienced field medic so she would be able to combine and customise healing items via a medical kit (separate from inventory). These would have effects like: Able to sustain more damage, bigger health bar, temporary immunity to poison etc.


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