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  • Controller Design: Project Black Dagger

    - Stacey Miller
  •  [Full Sail University student Stacey Miller proposes a new controller design for the PlayStation 3, adding an touch-sensitive OLED screen and a new ergonomic style.]


    The intention of the document is to present the concept design for a new PlayStation 3 human interface controller called Project Black Dagger. The topics of discussion found within this document will go over all of the controller design goals, including current trends that helped to inspire the look and use of the Black Dagger controller as well as design assumptions, hypothetical testing for three games, schematic design and 3D renders, which highlight the visual specifications of the controller device.

    This proposal for a new Human Interface Controller carries heavy emphasis on usability theory, which allows the design of a controller that is well suited for both casual and extreme gamer demographics. The current PlayStation 3 controller has been around since the introduction of the first PS3. The intention of this concept design is to increase the PlayStation 3 usability by implementing new technologies on an easier to handle controller for all gaming types.

    Introduction and Design Purpose

    Project Black Dagger is a human-computer interface device that takes gaming interactions to the next level. The Black Dagger controller is loosely based on the current SIXAXIS controller used for the PlayStation 3. The SIXAXIS controller has had little physical change since its release with the PlayStation 1, back in 1994. The Black Dagger controller expands the physical appearance and usefulness of the standard SIXAXIS controller to be much more ergonomic in the players hands as well as having a much more intuitive user interface. The Black Dagger controller is intended to directly replace the current SIXAXIS controller for the PS3. The Flexibility of the Black Daggers functions allow it to maximize its usability by engaging the player, being easy to operate and have an intuitive user interface. This coupled with its advanced technology make it a better replacement for the PS3 SIXAXIS controller than other designs.

    Literature Review

    The Black Dagger design was inspired by the current SIXAXIS controller and the advancement of the new Wii U. There is a disconnect between users with a PS3 and their handheld gaming system, the PlayStation Portable. What the Black Dagger does is combine both in a sense to allow the gamer to play their games at home, at a friend's house, or on the go. The design was created to accommodate all genres of games as well as to maximize player comfort. As a result, button layout has been improved as well as the comfort level when in the player's hands. Research from what gamers want and enjoy has led to the creation of Project Black Dagger.


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