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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Role Reversal

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  • Luke Herbert, Compliance Analyst at Electronic Arts, Resident Evil: Operation Nemesis

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    Game Type

    A 3rd Person Survival Horror set in the Resident Evil universe during the events of Resident Evil 3.

    Unique Selling Point

    · Play as one of the most legendary enemies of all time

    · View Raccoon City from the Tyrant's perspective

    · Continue to evolve as Nemesis and mutate into several new forms

    · Hunt down and defeat members of S.T.A.R.S including Jill Valentine


    The key objectives of the game are to locate and eliminate members of S.T.A.R.S, rescue key personal of Umbrella and ensure the outbreak of the T-Virus is achieved.

    The player will be able to explore Raccoon City as they have done in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. However, these will be redesigned and brought back to life with modern technology and will use several gameplay elements from Resident Evil 4. Nemesis will also have the ability to destroy objects, walls and doors, so locked doors are not a problem for Nemesis. Instead the challenge will be for Nemesis to use the environment to find shortcuts or alternate paths to get to the next location.

    Even though the Tyrant is infected with the T-Virus, the other infected creatures treat Nemesis as a hostile entity and actively attack Nemesis as if they were attacking a human. Nemesis will need to use his hand-to-hand combat skills and his rocket launcher in order to survive.

    As the game progresses, the user will have access to T-Virus upgrades to unlock additional abilities which include tentacles to grapple ranged enemies, faster regenerative capabilities, more melee moves and additional weapons.

    Target Audience

    Obviously the key audience would be fans of the Resident Evil series and those who are seeking a game which lets them play as a zombie. And due to the nature of the title this will have to be mature title.


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