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  • Student Postmortem: percussONE [04.16.09]
  • img Student creators Joshua Hernandez and Justin C. Moore take a look back at their competitive multiplayer puzzle game inspired by the classics of the genre.
  • Student Postmortem: BizarreCraft [04.09.09]
  • img In this GameCareerGuide exclusive student postmortem, FIEA students discuss the creation of their ambitious Gamebryo engine-powered RTS, Bizarrecraft.
  • Student Postmortem: The Thief's Tale (Palomar Community College and Cal State San Marcos) [02.03.09]
  • img Eric Carr, of Palomar Community College and Cal State San Marcos, pushed himself and his small team to make a game called The Thief's Tale in order to pursue his dream of becoming a game designer. In this postmortem of the game, he talks about what it means, emotionally and philosophically, to undertake this kind of personal challenge, while also sharing the ins and outs of development.
  • Student Postmortem: Bloomfield College’s Rage of the Elements [01.06.09]
  • img Even when a game is modest in scope and has a full year of development time, features can still be cut and schedules can still get out of hand. Lori Cerchio and four of her peers at Bloomfield College spent one academic year creating Rage of Elements, a 2D side-scrolling action game, and still had a significantly smaller game when it was finished than what they had originally wanted.