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  • Student Postmortem: Fate by Numbers [11.15.07]
  • img Remember back in the 1990s when full motion video was hot? Is it possible to use FMV for a low-budget adventure game? Four Dutch students thought so and set out to create Fate by Numbers.
  • Student Postmortem: FIEA's Master Plan [09.27.07]
  • img Thirty-four students from Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy at the University of Central Florida built the game Master Plan. That team size is unheard of in academic programs, and yet the experience, which included a merger, gave the students a healthy dose of real-world conditions.
  • Student Postmortem: DigiPen's P.H.L.O.P. [08.02.07]
  • img Three DigiPen students consider what went right and what went wrong while making their senior year game, P.H.L.O.P., otherwise known as Physics Has Limitless Observable Possibilities. Catchy name, ain't it?

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