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  • John Romero to share coding lessons from id's early days at GDC Europe 2016 [05.18.16]
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    This year's big GDC Europe conference in Cologne, Germany is coming up in August, and today we're excited to announce that game industry veteran John Romero will be delivering a talk at the conference about game coding principles he learned in his early days at id Software.

    His talk on "The Early Days of id Software: Programming Principles" is part of the Programming track of GDC Europe talks, and promises to offer unique insights on game production gleaned from Romero's time at one of the game industry's trailblazing studios. 

    As co-founders of id Software, John Romero and John Carmack created the code behind the company's seminal titles, including Doom and Quake. The principles they defined through experience in id's earliest days built upon one another to produce a unique methodology and a constantly shippable codebase.

    In the course of his talk, Romero will discuss id Software's early days, these programming principles and the events and games that led to their creation.

    It promises to be a great talk, so don't miss it! Early birds can still register for GDC Europe 2016 by July 20th to save up to 200 euros on an All Access Pass.

  • IGN acquires, revives GameTrailers, to post game trailers [05.17.16]
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    Newsbrief: IGN today announced (via the video embedded above) that it has acquired GameTrailers, the venerable video-centric site that launched in 2002 and was shut down in February by its parent company, Defy Media.

    IGN will shut down the GameTrailers website, but its YouTube channel will remain active -- including an archive of all of its content.

  • Get a job: The Behemoth and The Research Centaur seek a QA Test Lead [05.17.16]
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    The Gamasutra Job Board is the most diverse, active and established board of its kind for the video game industry!

    Here is just one of the many, many positions being advertised right now.

    QA Test Lead, The Research Centaur

    Location: San Diego, California

    The Behemoth/The Research Centaur is looking for a QA Test Lead! We like to beat our games up to make them better and we need your help!

    The Test Lead will assist in helping plan and test Behemoth games from start to finish as well as working with various external client titles through The Research Centaur.


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