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  • What devs at E3 were saying about Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo [06.20.16]
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    Microsoft and Sony have both announced plans for a mid-generation reboot--not entirely new consoles, but new versions of the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 that will feature upgraded tech specs that will leave the launch versions in the dust.

    But this shared commitment to refreshing their hardware every few years hasn’t exactly come with a flood of specific information.

  • Daybreak shuts down servers for Planetside 1, Legends of Norrath [06.17.16]
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    It's sad news for game historians and online games veterans, but today, Daybreak Game Company announced it would be shutting down game servers for the first Planetside and the Everquest trading card game Legends of Norrath

    Both game closures were confirmed in company blog posts, with Daybreak providing different contexts for the games' closures. 

    In regards to Planetside, Daybreak writes that the game would need to close "due to evolving business needs and technical requirements." Planetside's servers will go dark on July 1st.

    Meanwhile Legends of Norrath "has not had an active development team for quite some time," and Daybreak will be shutting down the servers on August 17th. 

    These closures are both for older, far less popular games in Daybreak's catalogue, so it's not a large sign of financial trouble, but it is the latest rough news for a company that recently cancelled its planned ambitious sequel to Everquest. 

  • Facebook hires former pro player Snoopeh in bid for eSports stars [06.17.16]
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    Facebook's interest in eSports seems to go beyond Activision and Overwatch

    TechCrunch today is reporting on Facebook's recent hiring of Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis, a former League of Legends pro player who's spent his post League career building business relationships with streamers and developers for companies like Unikrn and Repable.

    According to TechCrunch's sources, Ellis' hiring is part of a larger initiative within Facebook to target developers and pro players to bring their streaming sessions over to Facebook's video platform.

    If TechCrunch's sources are to be believed, it's a move to cut in on Twitch and Youtube's territory, and one TechCrunch compares to the company's development of celebrity relationships in the past. 

    Facebook declined to comment for TechCrunch's article, though a PR rep did confirm that Ellis was "joining a collaborative effort between the sports and games partnership teams to support the eSports and gaming communities using our platform.”

  • Twitch takes legal action against bot creators [06.17.16]
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    If you're the kind of streamer who feels a need to inflate your numbers, Twitch has some bad news for you. 

    Today in a post on the company blog, Twitch's Matthew DiPietro announced the company has filed lawsuits against the creators of the most popular botting programs for Twitch. 

    These bots, which include chat bots, view bots, and follower bots, are used to inflate streamer profiles and bump them up in Twitch's reccomendation algorithms on the platform.

    Botting is against Twitch's terms of service. 

    A streamer with a higher follower count, bolstered by seemingly real bots chatting, may be more likely to appear in a reccomended Twitch feed then a user a lower follower account whose viewers are all real. 

    Bots can also be used to harass streamers and interfere with their attempt at a partnership, or get their channel suspended, writes DiPietro.

    DiPietro says the company has long sought to combat bots by using engineering and moderation solutions, but now sees the need to take legal action.


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