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  • How Digital Eclipse aims to preserve classic games for future generations [08.21.15]
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    "'Can we do something like scanning a film in 4K, but for games?'...There's no real magic bullet solution to that, but our approach to it is: We set up our Eclipse Engine, and we set up hardware simulation modules, and we convert using source elements provided by the publisher."

    - Frank Cifaldi speaks to Digital Eclipse's strategy and overarching goal in developing the Mega Man Legacy Collection.

    Video game history buffs, take note: industry historian (and former Gamasutra editor) Frank Cifaldi recently sat down with USGamer in his role as Head of Restoration at Other Ocean's newly-resurrected Digital Eclipse to detail some of the studio's work on its upcoming Mega Man Legacy Collection, and how it hopes to keep games playable in perpetuity via its Eclipse Engine.

    "The games themselves are safe.

  • Video: Why you shouldn't rely on emergent behavior in your game AI [08.21.15]
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    Having your game's AI surprise you with emergent behavior is an exciting moment for any game designer. 

    But during a brief, rapid-fire microtalk at GDC 2013's 'Turing Tantrums' rant session, video game AI expert Ben Sunshine-Hill makes a case for why, in game development, prioritizing emergent behavior in AI design means you are not doing your job.

  • Sympathy for the dragon drives Kamiya's development of Scalebound [08.21.15]
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    Hideki Kamiya's career in the Japanese game industry now spans over two decades and more than a half-dozen standout games, but he's never (to my knowledge) worked on something quite like his latest project: Scalebound. 

    The upcoming Xbox One exclusive from PlatinumGames is, at first glance, a third-person action game much akin to Kamiya's Devil May Cry and Bayonetta games.


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