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  • Why For Honor ignores historical accuracy in favor of diversity [08.17.16]
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    "It's so easy for people to say, 'Oh, it couldn't be true, they couldn't have full gender representation and different ethnicities in a game like this.' So we put a lot of time and effort into that, and it's a core value on the team, and a list of things I'm proud of."

    - For Honor creative director Jason VandenBerghe.

    Ubisoft's upcoming hack-and-slash game For Honor draws heavy inspiration from actual historical warriors, weapons and fighting styles -- creative director Jason VandenBerghe seems fond of recounting a story of how he began to formulate the game's swordfighting mechanics while walking home from a longsword martial arts class.

    He tells that story again in a recent Gamescom chat with GameSpot, and it's a good one; but what's potentially more intriguing, from a developer's perspective, are his comments about how the For Honor team took pains to ignore historical accuracy in favor of allowing for a diverse array of playstyles and player representation.

    "This game is about you.

  • Konami reveals first post-Kojima Metal Gear, and it's a survival title [08.17.16]
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    Konami has revealed what the first Metal Gear game without Hideo Kojima's involvement will look like, and it's a co-op survival title called Metal Gear Survive

    As reported by IGN, the game is a direct sequel to Metal Gear Solid V prologue, Ground Zeroes, and follows surviving members of Militaires Sans Frontières as they're transported through a wormhole into an alternate reality filled with zombie-like creatures. 

    It'll be the first entry in the long-running franchise to launch since Konami's well-publicized split from Metal Gear creator, Hideo Kojima, and it looks like the Japanese studio is keen to put its own stamp on the series.

    "Metal Gear Survive will offer a fresh take on the series’ famed stealth elements," said Konami European president, Tomotada Tashiro, "but within a unique co-op setting that is designed for a truly engrossing multiplayer experience."

    There aren't many concrete details in the wild at this point, although Konami has said players will have to team up to battle "massive threats" -- with a teaser trailer hinting at the return of the titular Metal Gears.

    The studio has also confirmed that Survive will be built on the same Fox Engine that powered Metal Gear Solid V.


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