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  • How Spelunky's designer set out to create complexity with simplicity [04.18.17]
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    "At least for Spelunky, my aim was to have all these little pieces have a very very simple and easy to understand personality, and then to have those come together to create complexity."

    - Spelunky creator Derek Yu dives into how different elements of the game interact with each other.

    For the latest video in its ongoing documentary series, Noclip sat down with the creators of the procedurally generated platformer Spelunky to find out how the game came to be and exactly what makes it tick.

    The first half of the hour-long documentary above explores how Derek Yu and Andy Hull got their start making games with Klik & Play and even, in the case of Yu, running the indie game community TIGSource.

    But the second half of the documentary should be especially interesting to other developers since it runs through the design decisions powering many of Spleunky’s individual elements and talks about how the game sets out to create complexity through simplicity. 

    “We're trying to draw out the personality of each area, of each monster, just from very very simple actions and things that they do,” says Yu.

  • New doc sheds light on how Guerrilla built the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn [04.17.17]
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    Over the weekend, Dutch broadcaster VPRO published a 45-minute documentary to YouTube about Dutch studio Guerrilla Games and its work on the remarkably successful open-world game Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    What's interesting about this is the (admittedly limited) perspective it affords devs into the production of Horizon, which was Guerrilla's very first attempt at an open-world game.

    As Kotaku points out, there's a really good bit in the middle about how Horizon's dynamic rendering system works -- you can see a staffer spin the player's viewpoint around from a third-person omniscient perspective (see below) and watch the game world disappear or reappear as the view cone swings back and forth.


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