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  • Book Review: Beginning OpenGL Game Programming [08.17.04]
  • Beginning OpenGL Game Programming is an introduction to OpenGL that assumes prior programming experience, although not with OpenGL. It is a solid introduction to the API, particularly for the Windows platform.
  • Book Review: Beginning DirectX 9 [06.16.04]
  • Justin Lloyd finds Beginning DirectX 9 to be an ideal introduction to DirectX for those coming from the PS2 or OpenGL camps, though quite light in its coverage of DirectInput and DirectSound.
  • Book Review: PHP Game Programming [05.28.04]
  • PHP Game Programming provides an introduction to PHP programming, and using its dynamic web page generation to create online games.
  • Book Review: The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects 3rd Ed [05.14.04]
  • Justin Lloyd finds The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects to be one of the rare books he has read cover-to-cover, twice--and recomends reading it to anyone that needs to understand the language and technology of the art and effects side of this business.
  • Book Review: Beginning Direct3D Game Programming [05.04.04]
  • Justin Lloyd finds Beginning Direct3D Game Programming to be useful, but wanting in many ways--failing to live up to its title, and not providing any game-programming context in its text.
  • Book Review: AI Game Development [04.06.04]
  • In contrast to other AI books that have a tendency towards contrived examples, Lloyd finds AI Game Development to offer robust, concrete solutions that offer today's game developers real insight into creating interesting worlds.

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